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Senior Home Care Franchise Success Stories

There’s a reason why so many of our franchisees rave about our company. Don’t just take our word for it. Read about some of our Million Dollar Club success stories below.

Will Reid | Franchise Owner, Cincinnati, OH

On a flight home from a business trip, I saw an advertisement for Home Care Assistance. Two months later, I bought the franchise and now I am a Multi-Million Dollar Club Home Care Assistance franchise owner.

Over the past three years, my business has helped Cincinnati seniors live happier, healthier lives at home, and provided family members peace of mind knowing their loved ones are receiving the highest caliber of care. In addition to creating hundreds of jobs in my community, I have also created a great future for me and my family. I am so excited about all that Home Care Assistance has to offer, and the demand for quality in-home senior care is so high that I just secured my second territory.

Randy and Ted Holmgren | Franchise Owner, Scottsdale, AZ

Randy and Ted Holmgren decided to purchase a Home Care Assistance franchise after looking at several other senior care franchises and realizing that Home Care Assistance was “head and shoulders above the rest”.

Open since January 2012, Randy and Ted are well on their way to becoming the leading provider of in-home care services in the Scottsdale market. They are achieving this in many ways, but “employing higher quality caregivers” in conjunction with the company’s “unique care approaches (i.e. the Balanced Care Method™ and the Cognitive Therapeutics Method™)” are instrumental in their success and the quality of care they provide their clients. When it comes to the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, in their words, “It is the differentiator when discussing how they compare with other home care agencies. It is making a difference in the quality of life of their clients.”

Ted and Randy shared the following story about a client that illustrates the extra mile they go to expertly match their clients with the best caregiver based on his or her needs and personality: “One of the first clients we worked with was struggling with limited mobility (resulting from a fall) and struggling with the recent loss of her husband. She did not want to engage in social activities in her church and community as she was accustomed to doing before she experienced the setbacks. The caregiver that we placed with her was a great companion. Not only did the caregiver care for the client's physical needs, but she also provided her with some much-needed motivation. She could encourage her to attend an upcoming church gathering that she had previously decided not to go to because the client claimed that she didn’t have anything to wear and wasn’t up to getting her hair and nails done. The caregiver provided just enough encouragement— and a little coaxing and persuasion— to take the steps to help her get ready for the church gathering; she also painted a picture as to why she would enjoy it. This experience is one we won’t forget.”

Margalit Tocher | Franchise Owner, Greater Chicago

In January of 2009, Home Care Assistance of Greater Chicago opened their doors to the public and by March were off and running serving their first clients. The franchise owners chose Home Care Assistance because of the “Quality of Life” focus and unique business model, which they believed would give them the best opportunity to grow a scalable business.

Like many Home Care Assistance franchise owners, Chicago operates multiple offices within their territory, including the towns of Kenilworth and Hinsdale, and plan to open an office in downtown Chicago later this year.

Home Care Assistance Chicago’s path to the Million Dollar Club was no surprise. Margalit Tocher, President of Home Care Assistance of Greater Chicago, says it best: “We are passionate about positively impacting Quality of Life for our clients, their families, our caregivers, and our office staff. How neat is that??”

Cognitive Therapeutics is great. “So many people are concerned about short-term memory loss. To know that they’re working with a company who “gets it” is a huge comfort for them. The Balanced Care Method is also a great differentiator and is my favorite program offered by Home Care Assistance.”

Go to WeSeeYouChicago.com for some of our clients’ stories.

Lauren Robison | Franchise Owner, Bedford, NH

Ms. Robison chose to become a Home Care Assistance franchise owner because of the company’s creative approach to home care, the Balanced Care Method, and its strong leadership team.

Lauren first opened her doors in August 2010 and has been helping families throughout New Hampshire and providing “the highest quality of home care services in the region” ever since!

When asked what has led to her “Million Dollar Club” success and how she is changing the way the world ages, Lauren says it best: “We provide the best service in New Hampshire! Our client experience and communication is unparalleled.”

Jorge & Monica Cordero | Franchise Owner, Naples, FL

After months of investigation and comparing all available home care companies, Jorge and Monica Cordero opened their Home Care Assistance franchise in Naples, FL, in October 2013.

“Home Care Assistance is the most innovative brand and has the best competitive advantages among all other senior care companies. We liked the energy, enthusiasm, and support of the team. The business model was well focused and targeted the right clients.”

Jorge and Monica love helping others and the satisfaction that comes with it. “We have embraced Cognitive Therapeutics since day one and it has been a key factor in our success! Each client experience is so special, it’s difficult to choose just one. We always love when we make a perfect match between the client and caregiver. It’s amazing how much a caregiver can improve a seniors’ quality of life by being a good companion and friend. When we do home visits it's great to observe clients and caregiver’s out on walks, doing Cognitive Therapeutics activities, or cooking a meal together. When we observe the Balanced Care Method we know we are “Changing the Way the World Ages.”

Rick Cohen | Franchise Owner, Milwaukee, WI

Rick opened his Home Care Assistance franchise in November 2008.

“I always wanted to be my own boss and build a company that aligned with my ethics and values, including positively contributing to the lives of my employees. I was looking at all kinds of businesses.

The deciding factor for me was the level of human impact I could make. A Home Care Assistance franchise in my hometown offered me more financial potential and personal satisfaction compared to any other business I considered.

I don’t think I could have imagined how owning a Home Care Assistance franchise could have fulfilled so many personal and professional aspirations. Many I had no idea existed. I’m incredibly passionate about operating THE premium home care brand in southern Wisconsin. I believe I need to have the best caregivers and staff in the state. To be able to do that I needed to become the best place for those people to work. Home Care Assistance makes that easy.

In five years, we will have 3-4 offices in the Milwaukee area plus one or two in the Madison area.

You may ask why so much expansion at my age? Because I want to continue to provide my staff places and positions to aspire to. I want to give more people a better place to work and grow.

I so enjoy meeting our clients and learning about their lives. There are so many stories I think about. I will never forget one precious senior who was so special. She was so full of life and was so charming. She respected her children so much that she agreed to a meeting me just to help her daughters feel that they were doing something to better her life. She was so full of life at 88 that our meeting was just a social get together. She soon became a client. That was seven years ago and to this day I still speak with her every few months and we have a wonderful friendship.”

Will Reid and Steve Sudberry | Franchise Owner, Cincinnati, OH

Will and Steve opened in October 2013 and immediately started “providing the highest quality care in our market.”

“Hands down, we are the best home care model in the industry. No other agency comes close. No other agency in our market has anything like Cognitive Therapeutics (CTM). At least half of our business is attributed to CTM. We aspire to one day have sales of $10,000,000 + and dominate our market!

Will shares a client case study: “We have a current client that started with us right after we opened. She has dementia and her world had been reduced to being confined in her condo. Most of her day was spent looking out the window and sleeping. She had lost 25 pounds and her health was failing. A Faith Community Nurse within her church contacted us and we began providing care soon after. We immediately began working on all phases of the Balanced Care Method. Within 6 months she had gained all her weight back and

was working out with our caregiver on the treadmill in her building. We also provided caregiver-delivered Cognitive Therapeutics. Our care has enabled her to reconnect with friends and to regularly attend church services again. We also reintroduced her to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra where she is in regular attendance. While we can't fix the dementia that plagues her world, our services have given her life back. It's been one of the most beautiful stories we've experienced.”

“We are changing the way the world ages in Cincinnati by being the first and only home care option that offers a concierge level of service with best in class caregivers and an unparalleled approach to dementia care.”

Kathy Herrfeldt | Franchise Owner, Sacramento, CA

After reviewing at least six other franchises, Kathy decided to become a Home Care Assistance franchise owner and opened her doors in June 2013.

“I found that Home Care Assistance was the best fit for me. The focus on technology that improves clients care and benefits the business owner aligned with what is important to me as well as my vision and background. Home Care Assistance supported my desire to own my own business, creating a culture of respect, dignity, and doing well by doing good.

“Home Care Assistance’s leadership is smart, innovative, and truly believes in the success of the franchisees.

“As a Home Care Assistance franchise owner, I find great satisfaction in helping my staff. My Home Care Assistance franchise is sending two staff members to a women's mentoring event where they can discuss their personal and professional goals with women leaders in the area. I get great satisfaction watching my team grow as people.

“We are raising the level of care for our clients and creating a culture of respect and dignity for all HCA staff and Care Partners in the Sacramento area. I love what I do because we help improve our clients lives! This improvement allows the family to step away from a caregiving role and be a family member again. The dynamic that is changed by bringing in our services is a benefit to everyone.”

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