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Home Care Assistance proudly trains caregivers in our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method™—a one-on-one, activities-based program designed to keep aging minds sharp. Grounded in scientific research, the program includes hundreds of enjoyable activities that engage the primary areas of cognitive functioning, as well as non-cognitive activities, designed to promote physical activity and social engagement—behaviors also linked with brain health and overall quality of life. The program is designed for everyone—from those who are cognitively healthy and want to maintain their mental acuity to those who have neurodegenerative diseases and want to try and slow the progression of symptoms.

More Than 300 Scientifically Based
Interventions & Growing

We have created a collection of over 300 interventions that continues to grow based on new research related to brain health. From these interventions, we select and custom-tailor a program for our clients that is adapted and revised over time to best suit his or her needs.
We cover more than just memory. Our interventions are targeted toward the five primary cognitive domains that affect cognitive decline. Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained in over 20 activities primarily targeting the five cognitive domains.

The five cognitive domains are:

  • Executive functioning
  • Language
  • Attention
  • Visual-Spatial Perception
  • Memory

Certified Interventionists and caregivers are trained in a wider range of activities, which are carefully selected for each client, and target the cognitive and non-cognitive areas.

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Will Reid, Franchisee
Cincinnati, OH

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  • "Because we are with our clients for so many hours per day, we have the opportunity to really become a positive force in helping him or her live the life that he or she wants."
    Matt Lincoln, NE
  • "We independently own and operate our local office, allowing us to grow our organization in our own, unique way."
    Mark & Kirk Dayton, OH
  • "This business is NOT a commodity when you have the programs, support, and systems that we employ at Home Care Assistance. We stand out – consistently."
    Lori Colubus, OH

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