A Holistic Approach to Senior Care

At Home Care Assistance, we pride ourselves on taking a proactive approach to health and wellness. Our Balanced Care Method™ promotes lifestyle factors that contribute to healthy longevity. This method serves as a core part of our caregiver training model. Based on a 15-year study of the elders that live in Okinawa, Japan, the program promotes overall well-being through a variety of ways.

This method promotes:
  • Healthy diet
  • Exercise
  • Mental stimulation
  • Socialization
  • A sense of purpose

Influenced by the Inhabitants of Okinawa, Japan

The Okinawa region is home to the largest number of centenarians with the least amount of disease anywhere in the world. Researchers attribute this good health to several things— one of which is a diet low in fat, salt, and sugar. Inhabitants also work, exercise, and stay active into their old age; focus on preventative care; and live in a community that emphasizes optimism, family togetherness, and respect for elders. While researchers found that one-third of the reason behind this longer, healthier lifespan can be attributed to genetics, the other two-thirds are dependent on lifestyle choices. These are some of the factors that have influenced the creation of the Balanced Care Method.

Five Aspects of the Balanced Care Method™

Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained in this revolutionary, life-changing method, which is based on Happy to 102, a book by our founders.

There are five parts to the system:

  • Nutrition –Provides caregivers with excellent recipes and encourages habits such as eating until 80% fullness and finding salt alternatives. This section also emphasizes foods that become more important as the body ages to provide proper nutrition and well-being.
  • Physical – Provides guidelines for staying active, including stretching exercises, yoga poses, gardening, and other suggestions for maintaining an active lifestyle as you age. These activities help to reduce falls, combat depression/anxiety, and fight a host of other diseases. Even moderate exercise such as walking can increase circulation.
  • Mental – Tried and true mental exercises that help seniors stay sharp and improve memory retention. Keeping the brain active and engaged is an important factor in warding off dementia.
  • Socialization – Encourages interaction for seniors. New studies show that people are spending eight to ten years, on average, without access to transportation. Isolation is dangerous. Our caregivers are trained to provide transportation and internet or phone opportunities for seniors to get out, enjoy the interaction with others, and stay connected, which is so important for longevity. We encourage our clients to be as independent as possible.
  • Sense of Purpose – Encourages seniors to remember their purpose and passions. To this end, we make the senior’s life, goals, and passions part of their care plan. We care about them as an individual and valuable member of society and implement their personal passions and interests into their plan of care.

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Barbara Schuh
Vice President of Franchise Operations

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