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Providing Franchisees the Tools They Need

Our experience in the home care industry has taught us that we need to have a solid plan of action and a reliable process for caring for our clients. Every patient has unique needs and requirements. That’s why we’ve developed programs that address these necessities.

Providing quality care requires so much more than just showing up. Our programs provide:

  • Balanced diet
  • Exercise
  • Community involvement
  • Mental stimulation
  • Sense of purpose
  • Socialization
  • Purpose & calm

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method™

A sharp mind is integral to a long, healthy and enjoyable life. Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ is designed for those with great cognitive health as well as those that are experiencing symptoms of deterioration. Backed by scientific research, this method consists of activities that help to engage the areas responsible for cognitive function as well as non-cognitive games to assist with brain health and overall quality of life.

Balanced Care Method™

A longer life can often be attributed to lifestyle choices. Eating healthy and exercising are important, of course, but optimism, family togetherness, and community involvement are also integral to leading a long, healthy life. Our Balanced Care Method™ takes this into account and offers a holistic approach to senior care. This program promotes overall well-being through mental stimulation, socialization, providing a sense of purpose, and more.

Trusted Since 2002

There’s a reason why we are the leader in compassionate senior care. Developing our methods based on scientific research as well as our extensive experience in the industry has allowed us to treat our senior clients in the best possible way. Care, compassion and comfort are three of our biggest concerns when it comes to assisting clients. Our methods allow us to focus on all three while allowing our clients the opportunity to age where they belong—in their home.

Barbara Schuh
Vice President of Franchise Operations

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