Conducted an Interview with Home Care Assistance

With a proven model for success, Home Care Assistance has started to make waves throughout both the senior care industry and the franchise community. Recently, our unique home care franchise opportunity got some sponsored coverage from, a subsidiary of Franchise Update Media, as one of the leaders in the industry!

Noting that the average revenue for a Home Care Assistance franchise location is over $1.4 million only a year after opening, the article describes our path to global growth. Because we built our brand with two certified psychologists and a senior care manager, we were able to create a new franchise model that focused first on providing high-quality, scientifically-backed care for seniors.

With a growing Baby Boomer population and an ever-increasing demand for affordable senior care options, the market has continued to provide fruitful opportunities for aspiring franchise owners. We’re honored to help make it possible for our owners to build a lasting business – and to ensure that our nation’s seniors get all the care and respect they deserve!

Elevating the Standard of Senior Care

When you choose to work with Home Care Assistance as a franchise owner, we’ll make sure you get all the tools and resources you need to be successful. Now at over 165 locations throughout the world and counting, our franchise has proven that it’s here to stay. With a commitment to improving the lives of seniors around the world through our Cognitive Therapeutics™ program and other innovative methods, we’re excited about what we can accomplish over the coming years!

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