Home Care Assistance is Participating in the 2019 Cupid Crew Movement

Home Care Assistance Partners with Wish of a Lifetime

Wish of a Lifetime is a nonprofit organization, based in Denver, Colorado, that grants lifelong wishes to senior citizens, many of whom have lost their loved ones and are forgotten or isolated. Wish of a Lifetime (WOL), with the help of supporters like Home Care Assistance, created a yearly campaign, called the Cupid Crew, that involves delivering thousands of roses to elders around the country on Valentine’s Day. Home Care Assistance is honored to be a part of this amazing campaign this year. Supporting this program aligns with the services we strive to deliver in our everyday lives as we provide care for the elderly who are enrolled in our program.

Watch the Cupid Crew in action here.

Our Teams Who Have Joined Forces with WOL

Several of our franchise owners and teams have pledged and donated to help the Cupid Crew on Valentine’s Day. This is a perfect partnership for Home Care Assistance, as it is our goal to care for our client’s mind, body, and soul as the age in the comfort of their own homes. We strive to allow our clients to age gracefully while maintaining their independence, dignity and quality of life in the home that they are used to. Delivery of flowers on a day such a Valentine’s Day gives seniors the personal, special attention that they so often are missing as those who they have aged with pass on over time.

The teams that are participating include:

  • HCA of Austin
  • HCA of Chicago
  • HCA of Columbus
  • HCA of Cedar Falls
  • HCA of Centennial
  • HCA of Dallas
  • HCA of Dayton
  • HCA of Douglas County
  • HCA of Greater Burlington
  • HCA of Kingwood
  • HCA of Lincoln
  • HCA of Omaha
  • HCA of Naples
  • HCA of Rhode Island
  • HCA of San Antonio

The Cupid Crew campaign uses donations from those who partner, like our generous teams, to allow volunteers to bring roses to the often forgotten and isolated population of senior citizens in assisted living facilities. These efforts bring laughter and joy to the lives of these seniors for Valentine’s Day and have been since the launch of the campaign in 2014. The Cupid Crew spans 300 cities and delivers upwards of 30,000 roses across the country.

Join Us in Spreading the Love

If you want to be a part of the Cupid Crew movement, or would like information about Home Care Assistance franchise involvement, reach out to our teams here. The Cupid Crew relies on social media and YouTube to spread the word so watch for #CupidCrew or contact them via email at cupidcrew@wishofalifetime.org to learn how you can be involved. There is no time like the present to take care of the elderly in your community, because some of them have no one else.

Learn about franchise opportunities with Home Care Assistance by contacting us at (888) 834-3844.