Putting a Culinary Spin on Elder Care

Putting a Culinary Spin on Elder Care

Home Care Assistance realizes that thorough elder care must encompass everything—including diet and nutrition. As we age, our dietary needs change. What we eat when we are young may not be suitable when we are old. Our team understands that a healthy, personalized diet is one of the keys to a long and prosperous life. That’s why we added a delicious new element to our caregiving routine.

We looked at the longest-lived people on earth, who live in Okinawa, Japan, and put together our Balanced Care Method™ based on their lifestyle. Our cooking program includes fresh organic vegetables and sustainably caught fish.

We train our caregivers on healthy cooking techniques that they can implement in their franchise services. Many aging adults begin to lose mobility and hand dexterity, limiting their ability to cook for themselves. Additionally, going grocery shopping and keeping the kitchen stocked becomes increasingly more difficult. With a Home Care Assistance caretaker by their side, they can maintain a healthy diet without the stress of daily cooking and the resulting cleanup.

Our trained staff implement the skills we teach them in their own home. They introduce healthy and tasty new options to their family and promote healthy living at a young age, resulting in a win-win scenario for all involved.

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