The Senior Home Care Industry

An Increasing Need for Elder Home Assistance

There are numerous reasons why it’s a great time to invest in the senior home care industry. The senior population in North America is growing rapidly—a trend that is expected to continue through 2050. Additionally, the increased lifespan and improved mortality rates of our elder population are only adding to this growth. As baby boomers continue to reach senior age, the demand for reliable and trustworthy options is going to grow as well.

What This Means for In-Home Care Franchises

Home Care Assistance has the perfect senior home care franchise opportunity to satisfy this increasing need by bringing compassionate and quality home care to an ever-expanding population that is seeking an alternative to assisted living facilities and nursing homes. As the average lifespan continues to increase along with the desire for more sensitivity and understanding of our elders’ quality of life, the need for our services will only be greater. There is a unique opportunity to capitalize on this trend, and we are here to fulfill the necessity.

According to the AARP, 9 out of 10 seniors wish to be taken care of and age peacefully within the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

Home Care Assistance provides benefits that include:

  • Concierge-level customer experience
  • Highly trained caregivers that are expertly matched with clients
  • Groundbreaking, science-based programs that elevate the standard of care for senior clients
  • Personalized, tailored Care Plans that focus on overall well-being
  • Dedicated Care Team available 24/7

Home Care Assistance is the only elder care franchise that offers these options. Programs and books, such as Happy to 102, have been developed and written by Home Care Assistance, making them a trusted resource when it comes to aging and navigating the continuum of care.

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The senior care industry is booming! Recently, interviewed our VP of Franchise Development and Managing Director of International Development on our international expansion plans!

Angie Kunnath, Franchisee
Waterloo, ON

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  • "We independently own and operate our local office, allowing us to grow our organization in our own, unique way."
    Mark & Kirk Dayton, OH
  • "No one else provides the concierge level of in-home personal care that Home Care Assistance does!"
    Andy Richmond, VA
  • "People come in and immediately sense our professionalism, our empathy, and that there really is something unique about us – something that just can’t be experienced over the p ..."
    Ted Scottsdale, AZ

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