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$2,010,644 was the average revenue for qualified Home Care Assistance locations open at least 24 months in 2014!

Join our franchise network to take advantage of the most successful business model in the booming senior care industry.

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International Territories

Please contact us for the country of your choice. We consider all international territories on a case-by-case basis.

Home Care Assistance territories are designed to provide you with the largest percentage of lucrative, long term cases.

Unlike other franchisees that offer you a small territory of one or two zip codes, commonly in an undesirable area, we offer large territories that encompass an entire metro area or county.

We have the largest territories available in the industry, typically starting at 500,000 residents. Each territory is custom designed for the franchise owner. We combine your familiarity with the local market and our proprietary mix of essential demographics to determine your ideal office location, your marketing radius and your core sub-markets. Our territories are crafted to help you grow and typically support multiple Home Care Assistance locations.

Fellow franchisees, take advantage of the large Home Care Assistance territories. We have the unique opportunity to build regionally dominant organizations with major streams of revenue and potential profit. Most of our “competitors” are doomed to being Mom and Pop businesses. They have purchased a job; a Home Care Assistance franchisee has the potential to build a significant, high-value business.Ron Kinder, Owner


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